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Friday, February 8, 2013

Inspirational Printables

I decided to stop in for a visit to my old blog...

I honestly have not know what to do with it. I enjoy blogging and all the fun stuff associated with it but life has been so confusing lately.

But after thought and prayer I have made some conclusions:

If  I do not write, I might explode... it seems I have so much to say. Perhaps some of it will be personal and some will be about projects and decorating. 
(and certainly  there will be pictures of the cute grand-baby!)
I have started a CaringBridge page to let friends and family know what is going on with Thomas. I will share that link at the end of this post, for anyone that is interested.

God has, as usual, been teaching our family so many things, He is good to do so....

I have been learning to rest and stay in Him as I walk these days, trying to balance all of my responsibilities.

I have had to learn to be less "busy". As mothers, wives and women who work, we can get very busy, but I am (trying to ) learning  how to be purposeful about the things I do. I have a habit of getting terribly crazy busy in order to avoid the worries of life.....not so good. We must rest as well and I suppose this have been a season of rest for me. I have completed projects and enjoyed crafting and other fun hobbies, but I let the pressure I was under to HAVE to do things go.

So today, for the  hmmmm, say...... re-opening of this little blog I an going to share a project I created. 

I LOVE chalkboards. Ben' s bedroom has one large wall, which we draw on together. 
A large polar bear and moon, creation has been there since Christmas.
In my upstairs bonus space, (one of my fun but on-going projects) I have 2 large chalkboard walls. 
I also have lots of pictures painted with chalkboard paint all over my house with which I am loving to write and practice lettering.
I have had to learn to let them go, you have to erase to get a new one.but
here are a few of the ones you never got to see!

My summer boards. 
I cannot erase the one on the right. 
I know it is hard to see but it is 
2 Corinthians 3: 16-17

Fall board

and lastly my Christmas board
from Isaiah but greatly inspired by pintrest. 

I have been finding a lot of  comfort in God's Word and in music.  Some nights I have a little trouble sleeping, .
You know how it is. It seems when you lie down, no matter how tired you are, the worries find you...

I have discovered that if I listen to music (with my ear-buds) it helps. I have Pandora and many great stations.  One night I decided to listen to my Sovereign Grace station, wow.... was I blown away! Every song seemed to be about God and His attributes. 
It lifted my spirit. 

 Thus, I decided to take some of my favorite songs and make  chalkboard printables.

This is from the Hymn, Before the Throne of God Above.

And this is one of my favorite verses, you know you should pay attention to something when you see it everywhere you turn.
That is what is happening to me, I suppose I'd better pay attention!

If you are inclined, feel free to take these and use them to encourage you :)

oh you thought I forgot.....

Alyssa and I spent an afternoon in front of a window with the baby. We got some stunning pictures. I will say that my daughter is quite the photographer, she makes her mamma proud..


Here is the link for our CaringBridge: 

Friday, August 24, 2012

To BE!

I have been doing lot of pondering about this blog.
To be or not to be...
When I started writing , it was going to be about design, decorating and re-purposing of stuff.
I still love to design, decorate and re-purpose stuff. 
I have been doing lots of soul searching and praying.

This last spring and summer has been good for me because I have been forced to sit and do "nothing".
Sometimes it was hard, because I realized that the way I often deal with my stress and fear is to 

Being busy, for me, keeps my mind off of the cancer and the worries about the future.
So that is what I wanted to share with you today.

God had been speaking to me about my fears for some time, 
but as usual I was  "keeping busy' to avoid dealing with that.

When I saw this image, It expressed in few words, what I have been dealing with.

Exactly, How. I . Felt.

One thing I have discovered over my life is that when we refuse to acknowledge something, it grows and festers away. Until one day when it is impossible to ignore it any longer.
( Oh why, do I never really learn my lesson??)

When I let it out, God began to work
I freed Him to do what He had been too polite to force upon me.

It began with thankfulness-
(it continues with thankfulness)

it flowed through a greater  understanding of Heaven and Who the person of God is...
( so much more to learn)

and has continued through a beginning knowledge of what
Grace for the moment really means.

I do not need grace today for the worries and needs of tomorrow.
He will provide today.
He did provide yesterday.
He will provide tomorrow.

He always IS.
He is not was or will be, but IS.

I was feeling a bit better earlier this summer and started to get very busy.
I had goals to do tons of things around the house this summer.
Then I had a cyst in my right ovary that burst and was bleeding into my belly.
Not serious but very painful.
Problem was that no doctor could figure out the problem,....
so I went from doctor to doctor... for almost 1 month...
did very little
slept ( a lot)
spent time with my family..
(the cutest grand baby in the world...)

And realized that I can not get busy like that again.
I can do projects
 but I can not make it my priority.

I know some blogs (which I love to read), show project after project. I was on that train.
Now I am off.
What will become of this?

I am thinking of a little revitalization- adding some things taking away others and not killing myself with projects just so I can get them on the blog.

I have a goal of mid-September to get this up and running again.
I hope you will join me.

Had to sneak at least one in :)


Monday, July 16, 2012

Abundant Life

Life has been happening around this place.

Yes, I have been busy as a bee...
painting rooms
pulling up carpet
putting down wood floors
(well I didn't exactly do that part- but my boys did!)
Painting a stairway....
and planning other projects.

I have enough stuff for more that a few posts- 
I hope to get back to posting soon.

the REALLY big news is this:

Baby Charlie arrived on July 13 at 10:53 am.

All 8 lbs 13 ounces of him!

Now that's life!

Needless to say, we are awe filled, ecstatic and blessed beyond measure!

So, forgive me while I take a minute ( or two) to brag...

Alyssa was strong, and I am so proud of her.
Words can not express what a joy it was to be with her.

Frank was able to be there for the delivery!
He was an extraordinary coach.


 We should have known it would be a boy, huh? Look at all those uncles!

Only one auntie :)

I am enjoying my time with the family, 
loving every minute of it!

I knew you
 before I formed you 
in your mother's womb.
Before you were born
I set you apart.
Jer. 1:5


Monday, June 4, 2012

Wedding Design- The Church

Woohoo- a second post...
in the same week. 
I am excited!

I can not wait to share with you one of the most beautiful ideas that I believe I have EVER come up with..
(with thanks to Pintrest!!)

First we had to decorate the church,  then we needed to decorate venue.
We had to be mindful of cost!

We went to visit the church and I snapped a few pictures.

 Karsey and her mom, Barbara could see the beauty in this simple gem. 
They loved the stained glass window...
We were planning on removing all chairs and extraneous stuff, but what to do????

As I sketched the church without all the extras It came to me. 
Just the cross and the Word.

I was perusing Pintrest for ideas for sweet Karsey and David and I had seen this:

I was totally blown away so I shared an idea to create one with First Corinthians , Chapter 13 written or painted on.
We would line the aisle with white paper flowers and add simple hydrangeas with a banner behind the bride and groom..

They loved the idea and Barb wanted to be the one to paint it.

The pictures below were taken by the lovely Christi of Christi Ann Photography
and I am sooo appreciative of her allowing me to use them to show you!
Please go visit her here or here!

 Such a simple idea, 
some of the most beautiful words in the Bible.

Barbara did a tremendous job painting the runner, didn't she?

She used curtain lining, it was the perfect width.
 The many flowers that so many women lovingly made for the day lined the aisle.

The alter was simply decorated with a banner-
 Love endures forever

What a blessing for me to get to be a part of this wedding.


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Paper Flower Tutorial

For the last few weeks I have had the privilege of working with two family friends, helping to plan the wedding of their children.
It was a big wedding and my responsibility was for the decor and flowers both at the church and the reception. 

Also, we had to try and be mindful of budget, needing to decorate two separate places can easily get overwhelming and crazy expensive!

The bride, loved the idea of a modern yet girly design. She chose pink and orange for her colors.

But the church was a simple place with blue carpet, pink and orange would have overtaken the place.
I  started a pintrest board for the bride to choose ideas that she also liked, she loved the paper flowers that I pinned.

We decided to use all white inside of the church, with an amazing runner ( which I will show you later) and tons of paper flowers.

We met and made lots of tissue paper flowers.......LOTS.... as in over 100....

We also made small ones from coffee filters and streamers.
My daughter, Alyssa and I came up with a way to make such beautiful flowers, I thought I have to do an official tutorial.
The rest of this post will be heavy with pictures and instructions for these lovely flowers....

You need: scissors, white coffee filters, white pipe cleaners and a hole punch.
Start with 5  coffee filters

Fold them in half :

And again in half:

And one last time, it will look like this:

cut a design in the first 5 folded coffee filters. Here we used a point, I will show you other options later.

Next you need 5 other coffee filters ( for a total of at least 10), fold each separately in the same way.

Cut the first a bit smaller that the previous 5

 Then cut the same design.

Follow that with each of the other 4 coffee filters, first folding, then making them smaller, followed by cutting the same design in each.
You will have 5 large, and  5 others, each a bit smaller than the previous.

Now unfold  and place them on top of each other.
You will want to stagger the edges so they do not line up with each other.

Fold them in half, being careful to line up so that you have equal halves with all the sizes.

 Punch a hole in he center.

Add your pipe cleaner

  and twist.

Now open the paper and start to fluff the petals.
and scrunch....


Here are some other possible shapes....

We made tons, they were so easy, fun and beautiful!

I plan to show you how we used them....

You could dye the filters, paint them with watercolors...the possibilities are endless. We wanted white ones for the church so...all of ours were white.

The ones with the colored centers were for the reception.


See you later!