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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Color Palette- black and white

A versitile color combination, balck and white can stand alone or be used with almost any other color.
So, if you are afraid to paint your walls, consider black and white.
I use black and white as my foundation, so when I get bored, it is not expensive to change the entire look with a new wall color, pillows, throws etc. For example, my kitchen walls were red, I had curtains that are black and white, as well as the table and chairs. When I decided to paint the kitchen, all I had to change were the walls.  The countertops changed because of the leak in our dishwasher, which ruined them.  I chose a black and white granite.

I have black and white in almost every room in my house and I love it, so if you are pondering the idea of change, consider black and white!

 black and white floors!

People are often afraid of using black for fear that it will be dark. Here is an example of the perfect use of bloth colors.

perfect balance!

Just a little on the counter.

I want to soak in this tub......
Or this one!

Living rooms

Modern elegance

love, love, love

                                              If you can't paint, the add something like this!


Very simple and elegant

A hallway or foryer
Until tomorrow,

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