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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Finding Inspiration

I will be spending some time this week talking about how to find inspiration. Lots of us want to do something with our homes, we feel that our rooms are outdated or just do not reflect what we want them to, but many are totally unsure where to start.

Maybe you think these things...
new furniture ( big money)
new carpet (or flooring)
new house....
Get my point? We think we need something new, we go get it and are still unsatisfied because we haven't changed the feel of the room.
It looks just like it did, only now you have big bills.

So where do you start???
I thought I would start with showing you how I find inspiration ....
When you are looking to change a room, you have to have an inspiration, something that you LOVE...
I spent hours looking at images on the computer when I wanted to re-do my dining room.

I finally saw this image
After seeing this, I knew I had to have a little wallpaper. I knew I wanted something with black and white, with a graphic pattern.
While I love the yellow and black, I knew this yellow wasn't for me, but I had my jumping off point.

I also knew that I wanted the color of the room to flow well with the rest of the house.
The dining room is open to the foyer and and the office.
You can see the kitchen and family room from it also.

I have this color in the kitchen..
it is called Vintage Map...It is not blue, nor is it green....
We had it mixed in a Benjamin Moore Aura
Here is a paint swatch;
The green shade is called Anjou Pear. That is what we have in the family room.

I have a little yellow in my house and originally thought I'd go towards yellow, but began to lean more toward something neutral.

I am NOT a neutral girl, but I felt with such a graphic wallpaper, I needed to make everything else soft and quiet.

I went looking for wall paper and started with my local Lowe's Hardware...
After much deliberation.. I choose this paper;

I used my trusty paint deck from Benjamin Moore and choose the lightest shade of grey for the walls.
The next darker shade went on the ceiling.
I first brought the sample book home and held the wallpaper up to all of the surfaces that it would been seen with.

I knew that all of these elements would combine well, so I forged ahead.
Here is a collage of all the items together...along with the other rooms..
No new furniture was purchased for this makeover,
I painted everything that I could, including my chandelier...
The cost was very little...

You can see that despite the variety of colors, patterns and textures, it all flows nicely.
I'll share other things that inspire me  as the week goes.

I have been working with my friend Sonia, on her dining room. Later this week I will post pictures of her room and some ideas we have for it!

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