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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sonya's Dining Room, part one

I hope you have all had a great weekend!
We are going to continue the topic of finding inspiration  for your home. My fried Sonya has a new, beautiful home and we are in the process of decorating her dining room.
She first ventured in design when she allowed me to help her pick paint colors.
she was say the least.
I asked her, "what colors do you like?" real answer. So do you like green?...not really, yellow...hmmmm. We continued like this for some time so, I gave her a project.
I had her go to her paint store ( Sherwin Williams) and just look and the wall of color samples. I told her to choose any color she was drawn to. She was not to think about if it would look good or even if it was practical, just get it and bring it to me.
She agreed and her whole world of color choices was born....
We went through the colors, she had a couple that she loved.
First: Red Barn:

She was pretty sure she wanted this in her dining room.
I was proud of her...

From here we held up lots of colors that she chosen along with the Red Barn. We looked at the colors in different light and next to the kitchen cabinets.

We decided to go with
Humble Gold

We used this color in her hallway. this hallway connects the entire house, including the second story. Where ever you are in the house, it is  visible.

We used Anjou Pear in her office, mudroom and her kitchen/family room.

She loved it everywhere, except the family room/kitchen so they changed their mind to
Whole Wheat

Some other colors we chose for her home included:



Lemon Verbena

A far cry from where we started!

Look at the colors together...
They provide a beautiful background for the rest of the design of the home.

Now, with only this we have the challenge to design a dining room.
This is the challenge:
She has no furniture.
She was not sure of her style (now we have a better idea, more on that!)
We have a strict budget of ......$1000... for everything to go into the room ...including dishes, artwork, custom made drapes, furniture ( which will consist of a table for 6-8, chairs for the same , and a buffet).

Can we do it?

We went shopping a couple of weeks ago, we needed to continue to narrow down her style.
She was very unsure of the direction she wanted to go.
We spent the day looking at fabrics, furniture and rugs.

she loves tables with beautiful legs..
Like this lovely one....

and choose a rug.
I love the small pops of blue here, (expect blue to be seen somewhere else in here...)
So without further stalling...
Part One of:
the Dining Room....

Just a room and a far!
The view coming in the front entrance, this color is Humble Gold.
( and Red Barn in the dining room)
(aren't those floors gorgeous??)

The view from the kitchen, (Whole Wheat ).

From the main hallway.

We haven't decided which way to place the rug.. I prefer it longways, but we will see once we get the furniture in there!!!

I hope you will come back to see the progress we make on this room and keep my honest concerning the budget..
so far we have  only spent 175.00
ON the RUG...ha!

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  1. I love the colors! Can't wait to see the final result.

  2. It all looks fantastic - so clean and crisp against the white. Love it!


  3. Loving the colors and cant wait to see what it turns out to look like!

  4. Your metamorphosis is absolutely fabulous. I so hope that you enjoy every bit of it.

    Have a very Happy Valentine's Day!

  5. Loving the paint colors and the rug! Looks like you guys are off to a great start. Your friend is lucky to have you for help.

  6. from aunt faye where'u get da rug does it come in other colors

  7. Every possibility for change and enhancements is being looked into so that kitchen layouts and designs will be easier to plan, construct and achieve in the future.

  8. Wow!!!! love it


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