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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Style?

 When I was at work this past weekend, someone asked me what my style was.
I had to think a bit..

What IS mt style???

Honestly, I have design ADD, I love so many things
(some might say ADHD, cause I can never sit still, gotta be doing something!).
If I were independently wealthy I might just have a few houses and even a loft,
each would be decorated differently.
I guess God has a different idea...

Anyway, I have been thinking about my style...
I love my family and also enjoy it when we have friends and family over. I want my home to be pretty, functional, colorful, livable and well worn.
Not stuffy, please put your feet on the couch or coffee table, it's OK.

I love cottage,

for example, I love this house from Better Homes and Gardens:

Love those painted chairs.

Same house:

The color green flows throughout this house. Look at the books!

But I am not strictly cottage in my decorating.

Better Homes and Gardens
The beach is one of my favorite places to be, so I like to incorporate beachy elements throughout my home.

Especially my porch!

One thing that I have discovered since blogging is vintage industrial.
I do not have a lot of this in my home, but I will. Look at this bathroom from Better Homes and Gardens.

and this one,

Be still, can you hear it calling my name??
It is, trust me

How about a little romance?
I am not sure of the source of this image, but it is simply gorgeous.
The mirror is jaw dropping hot and the mix of colors and styles in the table and chairs is amazing. Those chairs would have a country look if they were not painted.

How about this kitchen from Houzz??
Architect D. Stanley Dixon & designer Betty Burgess use San Marco for winner eclectic kitchen
Or this one, look at all of that storage..

How about this bed from Better Homes and Gardens?
Industrial, vintage, cottage...yum!

This is my all time favorite kitchen, white cabinets, stunning tile, great lighting, and storage galore.
white blue kitchen traditional kitchen

So that's style is definitely vintage, industrial, romantic beachy cottage...oh and don't forget French and English and sometimes modern....
I can see we're in trouble here.

Here's a sneak peak of what I have been up to for the last couple of days!



  1. Trouble? I think not!! Love your "style"!! Thanks for sharing and can't wait to see all of what you are working on now!!


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