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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Color Choices and Stripped Floors.


I think I was a little upset last time I posted

today I am better.

I still have to paint the boys room, but I think i'll survive!

The floor are coming along nicely.

I choose Sweatshirt Gray and Gray Cloud for he floors, I am using Benjamin Moore's Porch and Floor paint.
The boy's like the stripe. 
I choose to run the stripes horizontally to make the room look less long.

See the new color I tried beside the window?
It is the same light color on the floor, gray cloud.
it looks nothing like it does no the floor. 
More of this later.
I painted the floor the  solid darker sweatshirt gray first, ( after priming with Benjamin Moore's Fresh Start), 
to help cover the knots.
I decided to put the white next, without taping. 
I followed the natural lines of the wood.
Today I will put another coat of  white and if that is enough, let it cure for a couple of days.
I will then tape and paint the last coat of sweatshirt gray.

Then it has to cure for about a week.
No driving on it until then.
That's what the back of the can says.


here are some color ideas for the walls....
I have decided that gray is out
Well almost..

this is Farrow and Ball's Farrow's cream. It looks slightly yellow.
It could work but ....

This is farrow and Ball's Borrowed Light
A slightly grayed bluish green..

This is one of my favorite colors;

Vintage Map by Martha Stewart.
It is a great neutral that is neither blue nor green. I have it in my kitchen.

I plan to share this with the boys and hopefully make some decisions.
I will be getting samples this time.The room is dark, with only one window and lots of trees outside.

And then again, I am also considering white walls.
I have never painted walls white.
but just perhaps, because there is color in the floor and because I plan to add color to the  room...
What do you think?

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