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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Color Palette: Aqua and Red

Are you having a good day?

I am.

The boys are out of the house and I am alone.

I need to straighten my house but instead I took a cat nap after working on school for tomorrow.

Somehow I ended up in front of the computer and got suddenly inspired to write about the combination of aqua and red.

That's the way my brain goes...

Anyway, I love the color combination of cool aqua and hot red. 

I am seeing it in fabrics and quilts. It is popular in kids rooms but I do not see why adults can'tenjoy it also!
I started perusing Pintrest and found lots of lovely images to support just that idea.

In the kitchen it gives a  vintage vibe.
Here red is the focus with the aqua taking the back, just enough to make a great statement.

These two rooms feature the softer side of red and aqua.
white walls set the background for the sprinkling or the two colors.

Need something a little more vibrant, yet still sophisticated? 
love it!

Or let it pop off of the neutrals...

This looks like a little girls space but could easily transition to a teen room.

I have aqua in  my kitchen and  used  red with it this last Christmas.

OK back to work for me now!
Hope you day is wonderful!

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  1. I see how you could be inspired to write about this color combination I love them myself!They are so fun right!?


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