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Monday, September 26, 2011

Choose Joy

I want to share something with you. 
This young lady was an inspiration to me. I never met her, nor did I ever communicate this with her.

She made me think about life and death.
She was sick, it seemed very sick.

It is easy for me to think about death because of Thomas.

I don't really talk about it very much because I want to live.
I want my family to LIVE. 
to laugh,
to love, 
to smile......

I asked God, when the cancer returned for the third time, "Please Lord do not let this steal my joy"

He has been faithful
I have to keep my eyes on Him.

We are always having to really learn how to live.

When I "found" her blog I was blown away,

she overflowed with peace
The love and grace of Christ flowed from every word she wrote.
I was encouraged
I am sure everyone who read her blog were as well.

She has gone on to be with Him.

This is one of the last posts that Sara wrote.

It's about the Unknown....

Please keep Sara's family in your prayers.

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