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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Inspiration for a Gallery Wall

I have been a busy bee working on several projects.

We purchased the tile for the fireplace surround, hopefully we'll get it started this weekend. 
We are still waiting for the tile for the bottom surround ( hearth? ) to arrive, so it won't get finished.

I am working on my family room. I am going to create a gallery wall on the two walls that surround the entryway below.
This  is an old picture- I have painted and am in the process of  re-imagining the space.

Of course, I had to go to Pintrest to peruse photos of pretty paneling....

This is my favorite by far, fun, informal; photos and paintings mixed together.

I also love this one; how they have arranged the pictures around the window and how they go almost to the floor.

Source: None via Theresa on Pinterest

So my plan is for a gallery wall that is
family pictures
anything else I think will look good,
because it's my wall
I can do what I want!

Here are a few of the things I am working on for it:

Who says a chalk board has to be black?

Thrift find, painted the frame. (love the painting)

Created with Martha Stewart stencils and paints (free frame!)

Lovely mirror....

I am trying to keep the colors of the frames  white, silver, black and aqua,
since there is so much variety in what is going to go up there.
It (I hope) will give it a sense of cohesiveness. 

I hope to get it done this weekend!


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  1. Theresa, Hope you enjoy your award. Love your blog and flare so I was definitely thinking of you!


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