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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas 2011, The Mantel

Good Morning!

We have been scurrying around, trimming the trees and getting the house ready for Christmas.

I simply love Christmas, as does my family.

Some of my best memories from childhood are from Christmas,
Cutting a tree ( my Grandfather grew them) ,
Decorating the Tree
Gazing at the Nativity Scene on my Grandmother's mantel, 
Going around town with my Grandmother looking at Christmas lights
Making Christmas candy ( divinity, fudge, suckers) with my Mom....

None of these memories involve what I received on Christmas morning...

I have tried to keep those wonderful memories alive and foster them in my family as well.

Thus we decorate, bake, cook, craft, and spend time together.

This year I spent some time beforehand thinking of my themes for the year and the idea of Peace kept coming to mind.

We have had a great year with ups and downs including not so great news regarding the cancer that Thomas has lived with for the past 10+ years, some days it has been a struggle. 
But in the midst of difficulties God has given us an incredible  gift, our daughter and Son-in-law are expecting!

I am reminded that this is what Christmas is all about,  the Gift. In the middle of the chaos of this world, the broken sadness where we exist 
Christ came. 
The babe was born
to heal
to comfort
to bring peace
to make everything right.

We have also been busy finishing a few projects 
The fireplace (to be revealed today)
The office ( ohhh I love this one)
And the boys room is finally getting inspected this week.
The family room is decorated in shades of white, silver, brown and green.
Peaceful and oh so lovely.

Of course I have to give credit to The Graphics Fairy for the images!

The snowflakes were made last year and have tarnished nicely.

As for the rest of the fireplace.....


It was quite a process, I designed and Thomas and the boys did the work.
I am totally thrilled!

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  1. Beautiful fireplace- both the mantel decor and your new surround! I love how you perched those sparkly candles on taper holders- brilliant, simple, and lovely!
    : ) Meg


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