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Friday, December 30, 2011

{Everyday I'm Shuffling]

Good Morning!

Today I don't have any pretty pictures to show you.

Today i woke up around 5- maybe a little earlier-
and my mind started working in overdrive.

Are you like that?

I have no trouble sleeping, unless I happen to wake up around 3 or later.

My life becomes a panoramic moving picture, in living color,
I either stress or get creative ideas.
(mostly be honest)

Today, it started with a small amount of stress but 
became a free flow of ideas.

Yesterday, we worked all day moving my daughter and son-in-law out of their apartment.

Life is about to change drastically for the two of them.

He is going soon for training and then to Afghanistan for a year.
She -on the other hand- has moved back in with us.
For now they are both here, in a small bedroom, having to cull down a 2 bedroom, fully furnished apartment to a smallish (if you compare it to the amount they stored)  pile of  stuff that is currently abiding in my foyer. 
It  has no where to go.
In July, we will also add a baby into the mix.

These are not necessarily things you think you will be doing with your life after your children leave, 
but let me be quick to say
we wouldn't have it any other way.

So I was laying there, thinking about all the work that seems to be upon us, all at once,
and trying to figure out how to make all her stuff fit into her old room.

And then like a flash of light (you creative ladies know that flash)
the solution hit me.

God, sometimes has a way of  making things work out, even when we do not know about the need.
He knew she would be back.
He knew a baby would be joining us.
He knows and cares for our needs.
He is even more creative than me.

I have been so frustrated, because I have been unable to complete a few projects.

The guest room which I wrote about herehere, and here has never gotten finished as my daughter has been in part time residence here since the end of the summer when her man had to go for training.
I just let it go, figuring I would finish it some day.....

The boys room is still not inspected.
It is finished.
NOT furnished
BUT still not inspected.
I am frustrated, because I did not want to enter 2012 with that one not completed.

Alyssa's old bedroom has become a storage compartment for all things crafty, china and other sundry items.

So here I sit, waiting for them to rise and shine so I can assault them with my ideas share my ideas with them.
Shuffling, shuffling....

I will let you know how it goes.

Coffee anyone?

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