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Sunday, December 11, 2011

My New Office!


Today I decided to share my office!
I just couldn't wait!

The room we call our office  has been many things since we purchased this home.
 A formal living room,
a TV room and
 an office/sitting room.
It probably has served a few other functions as well.

In 2009, I painted the walls Stormy Monday, by Benjamin Moore and began to try and turn it into an office again.

Here is a picture taken from Feb.
I love the desk but the couch never really worked for me.

When we re-vamped the family room and tore the desk out, I asked Thomas to put it back in the office.
The aqua desk was covered in computer stuff and was essentially unusable for anything except that.
I had a vision for this room, this was not it!
He said:
"it won't look good".
"There is not enough space for another desk".

I worked on him with my feminine wiles till he gave in ( actually I just wore him down), and he put the desk where I wanted it!

Let us just pause here
take note ;
I was correct in my assumptions that it would look 
The room is a true office and work space now,
Even Ben has been spotted at the desk, doing school work!
On another note, some of these photos were taken at a different time using a tripod.
I need to be patient enough to use that thing, the pictures look so much better. 
One problem I have had without the tripod is that the wall color looks pink or taupe, but it is not.
When I used my tripod, the walls look grey, the way they are supposed to look!

I also have been busy infusing a little Christmas cheer into this room, in shades of red and aqua!
( without tripod)

( with tripod and no artificial light!)

Notice the clear desktop, perfect for schoolwork, sewing or crafting.
I love sitting here, the dog curls up on my feet and sleeps.
Keeps them nice and warm!

I realized that I have never shown you this desk..
I purchased it from an auction and panted it
The top is a stained yellow leather, which I love.
It has a nice worn-in patina.

Look at those legs...

( a better representation of the color of the desk)

I decided to make a few changes to my shelves
These were purchased years ago at a unfinished furniture store.
Thomas added the molding around them and made them look much better.
I decided to turn all of my books around, so you see the pages instead of the bindings.

I know where everything is, so it is not a big deal.
Those really thick books, 
they are my man's.
Proof that he is a genius!
( and knows when to listen to his wife...)

My shiny  silver dresser, decorated with aqua and red Christmas bling  holds all of my craft and floral supplies. it is quite functional and  lovely.
( I need to tighten those handles!)

To the right, you can see the new, built in desk,
Perfect for the space.

 The desk is made from wood, plywood and MDF ( the top).

And since you are here, I'll show you what is under there...
All of the crap that usually looks messy!
I simply stapled the black and white ticking to a strip of wood, pleating as I went and then the wood was nailed to the underside of the desk. 
Easy peasy!

I really love my office. I can work comfortably , it looks great ( since it is directly off of our front door) and super functional!

EVEN my man agrees,
 I was right.


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  1. It looks beautiful Theresa, I love that desk, the color is perfection. That is a really good use of space, I'm sure you all are going to love using it.

  2. Oh Theresa! I love your office! I have done something similar to my living room right off the front entry, making it into a study where my computer and desk is...and I love it for the same reason, being right up front where I can see what is happening! I adore the color of your desk! and the skirt around the built in one is so pretty and clever.
    Happy Holidays!

  3. OMG! Your new office is absolutely 100% gorgeous. It's such a wonderful and spacious space. WOW! I wish I have a space like that.

  4. Love what you did to your office. I especially love the aqua desk and the touches of aqua you added to your gorgeous dresser.

  5. Your office looks great! Love the addition of the aqua table :)

  6. What a great space--you are a lucky lady! (and a talented decorator too!)

  7. Your home is looking lovely for the holidays and your office is amazing! Great job!!!

  8. I featured your fabulous office on Mod Mix Monday. Love the way you decorated it. I'm so jealous.


I read and enjoy each of your comments, thanks for taking the time to share!