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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I found this wonderful blog The Gypsy Mamma.
I read and was captivated.
Lisa-Jo has a weekly party where she encourages you to write for 5 minutes on a subject.
Free writing, no editing about the first thing that pops into your mind.
I thought I'd join in....
This weeks prompt is:


The sky full of glittering stars...
how many of them are they?
Do you really know each by name??
The earth full of  people
brown, white, pink, black, yellow 
all yours.
YOU know each of them.
 YOU know me.
out of all of them I am special
I am loved 
I am yours
It is a wonder
Each can say that THEY are yours as well

HOW could you love so???
It is a wonder
Beyond understanding. Beyond anything anyone could ever imagine.
Some days I bask in your love
Some days I walk from your love
Some days I forget your love...

YOU are still there
Always there

Loving me
my true self, stained, and ruined.
Beautiful and Restored
a daughter
a heir to your kingdom...
I will never cease to wonder.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Thank You, Gracias, Merci!!

I am way tired!!!

The flood gates opened up at work this weekend, it was babies, babies, babies!!!

Today, I shall attempt to recuperate but I need to say


These lovely ladies have featured me on their blogs, I am honored!

Bogging is a blast and the best part is the other folks that are blogging!

I never knew what fun this would be!

Been Featured?
Nits at Mod Vintage Life  has featured my dining room. She has a beautiful blog with gorgeous inspiration. Check it out!

My porch was featured at a few blogs!!!

Carmel at Our Fifth House has a weekly feature called
For the Love of Chairs.  She is also super creative and talented, go check her out too!

Denise at Pink Postcard also featured my porch. She has a lovely home and paints some beautiful pieces of furniture.
Go visit!

   Vanessa and heather have a blog called  At the Picket Fence.. Here they blog about home, family and faith.
Love it!
Stop in you will not be disappointed!

I am off to put my feet up!
I should be studying for my ACLS class or painting something..but I think I'll rest!


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Like Mother, Like Daughter..

I should be going to bed and getting some sleep but instead, I think I'll put up a post...
(I worked last night and have to go back tonight)

I just can't resist.

On Thursday my girl came over.

My boys and I pulled the furniture I have been storing in the garage out,
Got the spider webs off ( no more black widows...thank God!), and cleaned  everything so that I can get to painting.

I am still trying to decide on a shop or not...

Anyway I was storing a small table and 2 chairs in there; they were my grandmother's.

She lived in a tiny apartment and had very little, but I got this hutch,
You can read about that here.

And my girl got the table and chairs.
Here are the table picture!

She wanted to paint them so she came to spend the day with me!
She decided she wanted a bright color on the table and white chairs.
 The thing is, she has no place to store it right now, so here it stays for a little while.

I decided to play with her table and chairs...
and put them on my front porch. We played dress up!

How does one dress for breakfast on the porch?

I think we will dine with china and mismatched silver...

Aren't those books lovely, I got them last Saturday..while out at yard sales

Isn't is amazing what a coat of paint will do for something!

She did a splendid job!
A chip off the old block!

Now I am off to bed, gotta sleep!


Friday, June 17, 2011

Frenchy Delicousnesss


I promised to show you the delicious french bed I found on Craigslist last week.
I was thrilled to get it but the hubs, he was...slightly less than thrilled when he saw the amount of work needed to restore it!

I am a true sucker for a few things, a beautiful bed is one of them.

I love to make a bed look fluffy and inviting!
And I have always dreamed of a beautiful bed to make!

I found another bed on craigslist and posted about it here.

I love the bed but have been unsure of the finish. It still sits as before. I can't bring myself to change my mind and paint it or to embrace it as it is...

Now that I have found this bed, I am even more unsure!
I originally had the intention of  repairing, painting and selling it, but it's too beautiful.
The owner had it stored in her garage. Her family brought it from France in 1946.
:and it's going to be a LOT of work.
I am not even sure how the bed fits in there. It has brackets ( some missing), and looks like perhaps springs were at one point attached to said brackets.
Does anyone out there know about these kinds of beds?

Look at that detail...

and those legs...

Honestly, This one may have to be mine and I will sell the other.

I hope your weekend is filled with family, friends and wonderful times!

Playing today with these wonderful gals:


Feathered Nest Friday

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tweaking the Dining Rooom

My girl and her man came over on Saturday for dinner.
She helped me tweak my dining room. I have been waiting to finish the table to add some art and do a little rearranging.

She said some of my things were looking a little to much like a "granny's house"...


I wanted to add a little color to the room, so last week I painted this frame.and encountered a
black widow spider!
No joke, I carried that bad girl into my house! When I saw it, inches from my fingers I nearly had a heart attack.
I sucked it into my Dyson.
I hope it is dead.

I wanted to add a little green to the room.

To go with this watercolor I painted.last fall. I saw the image at The Graphics Fairy and changed the colors a bit for my room.

I changed up the buffet, making it less symmetrical, and a bit more vintage glam...ish.

Put these back on the wall, they were originally on the wall where the hutch sits now.

I also got them from the Graphics Fairy.
I love her blog, everything you could ever need to add art, graphics or images to your life!

I love the pops of color.

I think I'll keep it!


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Dining Room Table

Happy Sunday!

It's been a bit busy this week, getting lot of things accomplished around here.

Yesterday I went to yard sales with my friend Terri and we used this site to map our yard sale adventures.
Whoever thought of this is a genius, I would like to give them a kiss...

Anyway it was a productive week and weekend.
I found a french bed from the 1940's....even got a history of it from the person I bought it from.

It's gorgeous  but in bad shape. I'll share later this week.

I also found a couple of tables to paint and a few free books for my house.

I am waiting for my dresser to sell, it is on Craig's List and eBay but I am seriously considering renting a booth at a nearby store called the Thieves Market.
If anyone has any advice on renting somewhere, i could really use it.
I saw LOTS of  chalk paint... we can all thank the marvelous Miss Mustard Seed for that!

OK, on to the real reason I have you here....

Remember this?
I have had this table since last fall, but with school, work and plays I have had no time to get to it.
The chairs have been in my garage since then.
Sooo, I got to it this past week!

I decided to paint the chairs and the base of the table with Annie Sloan's Paris Grey chalk do I LOVE this paint!


I wanted the top to be a bit whiter than the Old White  so I went with Benjamin Moore Pearl Grey.  I also used this color here....I do love that paint also!
This room has a lot of bright white, so I felt the top of the table needed to be more white.
It was interesting working with two different kinds of  paints...

But first, since I was working with a latex paint, I primed the top.
Last year I painted a table without priming..big mistake!

Then I painted the base and chairs with the chalk paint.
( you can barely see the chairs in this picture, I didn't paint the white ones...they are going to the breakfast nook.
One coat of paint:

After a small amount of distressing, I used a coat of Minwax Hard Wax for the top.

The finished product:

The chairs and base have a coat of Annie Sloan soft wax on them, Plus we recovered the seat cushions with white vinyl and fabric.

I debated on whether to refinish the top or paint it. i love a painted table, so that's what I did. They wax protects it very well.

I am very happy with the results, we had dinner here last night!

I also tweaked my dining room a little, see you tomorrow with a full reveal!


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