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Monday, June 4, 2012

Wedding Design- The Church

Woohoo- a second post...
in the same week. 
I am excited!

I can not wait to share with you one of the most beautiful ideas that I believe I have EVER come up with..
(with thanks to Pintrest!!)

First we had to decorate the church,  then we needed to decorate venue.
We had to be mindful of cost!

We went to visit the church and I snapped a few pictures.

 Karsey and her mom, Barbara could see the beauty in this simple gem. 
They loved the stained glass window...
We were planning on removing all chairs and extraneous stuff, but what to do????

As I sketched the church without all the extras It came to me. 
Just the cross and the Word.

I was perusing Pintrest for ideas for sweet Karsey and David and I had seen this:

I was totally blown away so I shared an idea to create one with First Corinthians , Chapter 13 written or painted on.
We would line the aisle with white paper flowers and add simple hydrangeas with a banner behind the bride and groom..

They loved the idea and Barb wanted to be the one to paint it.

The pictures below were taken by the lovely Christi of Christi Ann Photography
and I am sooo appreciative of her allowing me to use them to show you!
Please go visit her here or here!

 Such a simple idea, 
some of the most beautiful words in the Bible.

Barbara did a tremendous job painting the runner, didn't she?

She used curtain lining, it was the perfect width.
 The many flowers that so many women lovingly made for the day lined the aisle.

The alter was simply decorated with a banner-
 Love endures forever

What a blessing for me to get to be a part of this wedding.


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