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Monday, January 30, 2012

A Little Life

Have you been wondering where I have been?
It's been quite a roller coaster here-
some days the ride is fun and other days I want to get off. 

But like a real roller coaster, there is no getting off in the middle of the ride, so the best thing to do is
 hang on for dear life.

My husband has decided to go ahead and enroll in the clinical trial of chemotherapy.
We spent a lot of time praying about this decision and have peace about it.
We are not really sure what to expect from these drugs, the doctors seem to think the side effects are not too terrible.
We will see.

I on the other hand have kept on plugging at my projects. 
How about a few sneak peaks?

First up, Ben's room.
Ben is turning 16 soon, he is my baby....
His room is going to be super cool, just like him.

This is-was the guest room. Alyssa has been here since summer- on and off. I did manage to paint the bed like this before she took up residence- I never finished it.

Now I have painted it yet a third time, with Emperors Silk. 
We need this bed as a guest bed, so I tried to make it more masculine for Ben.
Man, does it look awesome. I have to wax it and then I will share.

In the meantime, I have been working on this dresser-
attempting to give it the Union Jack look.

 I sketched the flag on the dresser with chalk but then decided it was not in proper proportions, so I redrew the white lines and repainted them.

 Here it is, not quite finished but you can see  (if you know your Union Jack) that one of the lines is drawn incorrectly...

I had to choose between drawing the line incorrectly or putting it in the wrong place. 

Anyway, Ben likes it and it's gonna look awesome in his room.
Plus, I simply love a project. 
If a week goes by without a project to keep me busy, its a sad week.

We are also working on Alyssa's temporary residence.
Sprucing up some old furniture with a bit of Old White Chalk paint.

( still to be waxed)

Ben and Thomas built her a simple platform bed from old lumber.

I sanded, primed and painted.

So today I am off to wax everything and replace the knobs. 

I leave you with this,my motto.

I hope you accomplish all three today.


Friday, January 20, 2012

Sonya's Dining Room- Part 2

I know, I's been a long time since I posted about Sonya's dining room.
Were you wondering if I would ever finish?

(see me sneak in a cute you think I might be a tad excited?)

Although we are not yet finished we have accomplished quite a lot.
She has the rug, lonely and waiting for a table.

She also has drapes...I'll show you those in the reveal.
Remember, we had a tight budget, and sometimes it takes a little time to find the right item at the best price!
We keep looking for a buffet, one with pretty legs to match.
Eventually, she got lucky and found a table and 6 chairs for $90!
She wanted a table similar to this:
She liked the shape and the legs. 

This is what she found:

I am sure I have a photo of it before we striped the top, but I can not find it!

These are the chairs:

We set about stripping the top of the table last fall.
What we discovered was a surprise.
It was covered with a thin veneer, which was damaged.
The edges of the table were not wood.

What to do????
She wanted a dark stained top but it was impossible.

She pondered.
I offered a few suggestions.
She pondered some more.
We painted the entire table Annie Sloan's Cream.

We ran out of paint so she ordered more.

Christmas came and went.

We thought about putting a stencil on top.

Today, she came over to finish the table, we put the last cost of paint and I asked her if she waned to put dark wax on top.
I showed her what dark wax looked like but she couldn't decide.

I made an executive decision, deciding that we have extra paint and if she didn't like it, we would just paint over it!
We almost forgot the leaf, but it was to my advantage because I forgot to take pictures!

Wonder of wonders occurred.

Great thing, when you take pictures of something, you see areas needing a little more of this or that.
I gave this edge a little more dark wax.

The table went home with it's owner, a happy, happy day!
Up next re-upholstering the chairs with two different fabrics-

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

{Word} of the Year

I have been inspired to create a word of the year.
I have never been one for New Year's resolutions but 
the end of last year and the beginning of this bring a few challenges my way.

I am also
tired of being afraid.
of the grip the uncertainty of my life has on me
of not following my dreams.

I have been telling God that I want to be brave, joyful and strong
when instead  I often feel 
and weak.

My husband's cancer has gotten much worse, after many years.
He has sarcoma and was diagnosed with it in 2001. He has had surgery, and radiation multiple times but essentially there is no cure. It is rare and very few people are diagnosed with his specific type of cancer.
The doctors want him to start stage one clinical trials of chemotherapy.
We have always been told that chemo does not work on this type of cancer, so I have lot of trepidation with this decision.

Our daughter has moved back in with us, her husband will be deployed to Afghanistan.
They are having their first child in July.
A joyful yet difficult situation. 

I thought my word was going to be 
but I believe God gave me my word a few weeks ago.


I was in Restoration Hardware after Christmas and this particular store was going out of business- everything was at least 50% off.

They had zinc letters for $5 each, but many letters were missing.
I played with the letters for some time and finally the word
came to me.

I put the letters on my mantel,
I'll share that another day.
I might just leave them up all year, incorporate them into all my mantel changes to remind me that life brings change
but you still have to

To LIVE fully you have to be
I am tired of the fear.
I want to live.
 to enjoy my  life,
as it is today,
not for what it could be or for what I wish it was..

I have been trying to
on my own strength.
I am not one to share my worries with others,
today I will share with anyone that cares to listen.
Many of us share the same struggles. Who out there has no problems?

So this year I pray one more prayer:

I want to live fully and no longer will I accept anything less.

Amen and amen!