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Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring Mantel

My word for the year is Live, so I have given myself a challenge to reflect that idea in my mantel decor all year.

We see the mantel throughout the day, every day, it is the center of the family room, which is the center of the house.

So far we have had:
 another that didn't get photographed...( oops!).

Since it is the time of year before Easter, we try to think on the season and remember what was done by Christ on our behalf.

That is why I chose this verse from John 15:13:

He gave His life so that we might live.
He calls us friends. 

I have been meditating on life and the living of easy task. It is not simply waking up and going about the day.
I am trying to live a grace filled - life of thanksgiving,
not easy.
I encourage my family to try the same, its been a good thing for us.
I ask God daily to help me face my fears,
He has been faithful and gives me the strength I need to put my feet out in the water.

Just a simple mantle, no not really-but also yes.

Of course, the best source on the web for free vintage goodness.

I made the banner using this, also from The Graphics Fairy;

I printed the letters from Word, using Castellar font, enlarging them to 250, then cut them out pasted them on with glue.

My mother gave me the old mason jars for Christmas, I do so love them.... why don't they make them like this today????

Perhaps, when Easter is over, I will remove the banner or if I feel inspired, I 'll do another one... we will just have to wait and see!

Until next time,
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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New Hutch

Good morning and happy first day of spring!

We have been enjoying wonderful weather here and I have been taking advantage of it!

A little sunning, a little spring cleaning and loving the open windows!
(at least until the pollen arrives in full force)
 My friend Millie and I  are almost finished with painting the sets for the next play 
Next up, Little Women!

I finished my gorgeous hutch and cleared my dining room of the set painting mess!
I choose two of my favorite chalk paint colors, Paris Grey and Pure White.
She looks like she belongs.

I call her "she" because she is so dainty...

Look at those legs...

And the hardware, painted with Paris Grey and then a quick wash of Pure White.

I removed the glass inside, remember, it looked like this:
The inside was OK, but the outside glass had gold etching..not to my liking!

I added chicken wire, found at Lowe's hardware..!
LOVE it!

  I painted the inside Paris Grey.

Lastly, I lined the inside of the drawers with black and white ticking. It was easy. 
I'll do that again!

I am loving the clean, crisp bright look, aren't you?
I am seriously considering giving those frames a white wash as well.....hmmm.

Also, I realized that I had not shown you my mantel from February. 
I will be showing you my new Spring mantel soon, but though you might like to see this before I took it down!

See you later!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Keeping Occupied

I have been keeping myself occupied with painting sets for an upcoming Spiritual Twist production of Snow White.

I am virtually finished with my new hutch for the dinning room, but I decided to paint sets at home this year, so my foyer and dining room and covered in plastic and large set pieces..
I really hope to finish in the next couple of days.

So for today's post I just wanted you to know that I have added a couple of ways to follow this blog. You can now subscribe by email or in a reader. 
I have an iGoogle page which keeps all my blogs together along with other important things like the weather, a few recipe sites.. etc.
I am considering a few changes in the blog, I 'll keep you updated in that. 

In the meantime, how about a sneak peak of the hutch?
Just wait, she is stunning..!

See ya later!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Ben's Bedroom Reveal

Today I want to show  you Ben's new bedroom
Rooms for teen boys are the most difficult rooms to decorate.
Choices for decor are slim, and uninspiring!

Things changed for us when our daughter returned home because her husband deployed to Afghanistan.
She took the new large room that was to be for both boys.
I gave them each a room, which meant that I lost my guest room.
No big deal, I decided to keep the full size bed in Ben's room for guests.
It has been painted 3 times in the last year...finally I LOVE the color.

Ben is an artistic kid, he draws, sings and acts in productions. He is also super cool...
I decided to give him a chalkboard wall for drawing, he choose the color, a deep blue called Great Patriot..
I had the bed, dresser and side table already, so I just painted them to bring the room together.

The bed was painted with Emperor's Silk. 

The painting was one that I had, it was going to become a chalkboard.
I pulled it out and looked at it....
no way!
The frame was an ugly green- so I gave it a wash with Old White. Instant wow!

I got this table at a yard sale, $5, it recieved a coat of  Abusson Blue and Coco.

The awesome Union Jack dresser:

Check out that cool hardware!

I hope the dirty laundry ends up here- instead of all over the floor...

A person can hope right?

The burlap curtains came from World Market.

All the bedding came from Target.

And last, but not least- the wall.

 I want one.

I want one!

What do you think?

 I think I like it, a lot- and so does Ben- that's all that really  matters.


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